Volume Maximizer Volumizing Spray

Volume Maximizer Volumizing Spray


For all hair types
Non-aerosol volumizer
Provides extra thickness
Creates volume and fullness
Helps shield hair from sun and other harmful elements

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When is Volumizing Tonic Spray used?
When thicker, fuller hair with incredible shine is desired. 

What makes Volumizing Tonic Spray unique?
This unique product helps to create volume by increasing the diameter of each hair shaft. Decreases porosity on all hair textures with its light formula. Builds an excellent foundation for other styling products when used first, then firmer products - like Holdon or Mousse - are layered over Volumizing Tonic.


Vitamin B (Panthenol)
Offers moisture and conditioning properties while penetrating the hair shaft to thicken.

Aloe Gel
Contains essential amino acids which provide conditioning properties.

Vitamin E
Assists in protecting against environmental stress and chemical processes.


Spray evenly on damp hair to achieve thicker, fuller hair with incredible shine and body. Do not rinse out. Can also be applied to dry hair for added volume and soft hold. 

For volume in coarse hair textures - 
1 part Volumizing Tonic + 1 part Freefix Light Holding Spray

For a volumizing spray gel - 
4 parts Volumizing Tonic + 1 part Holdon Styling Gel