Kristin DuFour has a unique perspective and is well versed in the language of hair. From behind-the-chair as colorist, to in-front-of the classroom as cosmetology instructor, Kristin became a well-rounded professional first in her home state of Michigan, then in NYC.

As a well-respected leader of the SBS team, Kristin takes her craft seriously as both resident color educator and Advanced Color Specialist. Passionate about corrective color services, she embraces a challenge and can adeptly transform any head of hair.

Recently named by The Colorist magazine as one of the top “30 under 30″ Colorists in America, Kristin is a hair entrepreneur. Not merely an on-trend hair colorist, she is a trendsetter.  Her innovative mindset allows Kristin to lead the pack.  Ever willing to take risks in the name of art and creativity, Kristin’s goal is to exceed client expectations.

Follow her on Instagram: @kristincolors