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LANCELOT DUFF  |  Future Colorist | @hairbylancelot

Growing up all over the world, Lancelot learned to have a simple outlook on life—"take care of people, and the rest will follow." His first career was built around that concept in the hospitality field. Quickly climbing the career ladder, he noticed that he lost sight of his passion and decided to start a new career that got him directly involved in the client experience. That’s when he discovered his passion for hair. He studied vigorously in Manhattan and challenged himself to take the curriculum that was being taught to the next level. He found that he gravitated to color because of how the basic law of color theory can always be trusted.

Lancelot takes pride in maintaining integrity for his clients and their hair, creating solutions or alternatives for unobtainable results. He strives to connect with each client in his chair and encourages them to see the beauty they already possess and then enhance it. Nothing is better for Lancelot than watching a happy client strut away with fierce confidence. "Do you have plans after this appointment? No? Well you’re going to want to make some!"