Texture Creme

Texture Creme


Lightweight styling cream

Adds shape
Provides hold and shine
Great for fine and medium textured hair

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When is Texture Creme used?
Apply to wet, dry or heat-styled hair to create body and texture in fine, limp hair, definition and shine in medium textured hair or helps to eliminate frizz in curly hair.

What makes Texture Creme unique?
This product is a versatile texturizing cream that can be used on all hair textures.


Brocato's Blended Protein Attraction System
(contains Corn, Soy and Wheat Proteins)
Penetrates the hair shaft to thicken, moisturize and condition

Aloe Vera Gel
Provides moisture and conditioning, leaving the hair feeling smooth and shiny

Vitamin E
Helps to protects against environmental stress and chemical processes


It is used on wet or dry hair. On fine, limp hair, Texture Creme will create texture and shine. On medium texture hair, it will create definition and shine. On curly hair, it will help to eliminate frizzies and add shine. Dry with a diffuser to create a naturally curly look. 

For increased definition - 
2 parts Texture Creme + 1 part Holdon Styling Gel

For moist flexibility -
2 parts Texture Creme + 2 parts Holdon Styling Gel + 1 part Saturation Leave-In Conditioner