Shimmer Spray

Shimmer Spray

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Subtle sparkling spray

Packed with gold, pearl or platinum flecks

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When is Shimmer Spray used?
Use after styling to add a sexy glow. Shimmer Sprays can be used on skin and clothes for added subtle glamour.

What makes Shimmer Spray unique?
This one-of-a-kind product features gold/pearl/platinum flecks which provides delicate shine and sparkle.


Shimmer Flecks
Add shine and sparkle

SHAKE WELL before every use and while spraying. Apply a little or a lot depending on your mood and go from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of seconds. 

The blendable Options:
For maximum shimmer and hold -
1 part Shimmer Spray + 1 part Maximum Hold Hair Spray

For moveable shimmer and hold -
1 part Shimmer Spray + 1 part Moveable Hold Hair Spray

For the ultimate glitz and glamour -
1 part Shimmer Gold Spray + 1 part Shimmer Pearlescent Spray + 1 part Shimmer Platinum Spray