Constructor Deep Repair Treatment

Constructor Deep Repair Treatment

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Reconstructive and reparative properties
Perfect for after perm service
Prevents hair from becoming dry
Recovers damaged or brittle hair

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When is Constructor Deep Repair used?
The versatility and unique foaming characteristics of Constructor allow for several different usage options depending upon the desired result. Blending it with a Brocato Shampoo provides an exceptional cleansing Conditioner. It may also be blended with any of our other conditioners to boost efficacy or it can be used as an outstanding protein treatment.

What makes Constructor Deep Repair unique?
It is versatility and unique foaming characteristics make at home reconstructing a simple process. Cumulative benefits create a substantial increase in the elasticity and strength of the hair. Can repeat the application multiple times in one service until desired benefit is achieved. Porosity is decreased and elasticity and strength are increased immediately allowing chemical services to be offered the same day as the reconstructing treatment.


Hydrolyzed Keratin
Special proteins add body, strength and flexibility

Propylene Glycol
Exceptional humectant for maintaining moisture balance

Glycol Stearate and Lecithin
Emulsifiers add nutrients and lubricant to the hair


It can be used alone or blended with any of the Brocato shampoos. Lather in, wait for 3 minutes rinse and repeat as needed, then rinse and style.

The blendable Options:
For additional conditioning
1 part Constructor Deep Repair + 7 parts any Brocato Shampoo

1 part Shine Drops Smoothing Serum -use more for long hair!-

For additional shine
1 part Constructor Deep Repair + 2 parts Shine Drops Smoothing Serum