Color Protect

5 Unique Products that together form
an intelligent approach to color protection

Protect your hair color investment!
The result of the sun, environment and over-use of thermal tools is dull, dry, poor performing hair. Fastpaced living makes it even more of a challenge to have beautiful, long lasting, vibrant hair color. Utilizing the proper regimen is essential to protect and increase the return on your hair color investment.

The Vibracolor haircare regimen is an intelligent approach to color protection. The regimen helps to increase the life and brilliance of hair color.The Vibracolor Face Prevent Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment feature Brocato's unique proprietary blend of Incroquat UV-283 (to shield hair from the stress of the environment). Conditionez NT 20 (a superior conditioning agent without build-up) and SunFlower Seed Extract (Heligenol) (for color stability and UV absorption) utilizing an exclusive combination of antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and humectants to reverse the sign of color aging. Our entensive research shows that this regimen balances moisture and strength to provide total hair harmony. In essence, Vibracolor fortifies
from the inside while protecting the outside for ultimate performance.

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