The Swell Volume Regimen™
Six unique Products that together transform hair from "lifeless"
to hair that is beautiful, voluminous, and full of body!

Flat hair... fine hair... limp hair. It's hair that needs a "boost"... hair that looks bigger-than-life, abundantly full and lush, and beautifully thick. It means using a hair regiment that will take hair "to the next level"... lifting and filling our fine, limp hair to be the biggest it can be. It's hair that wants to look healthy, be beautifully shiny and ...absolutely swell!

What makes this regimen so unique? It's Brocato's exclusive Swell Volume ™ Volumizing Complex - a Grape Vine Extract (for all-day shine, volume, and bounce) paired with our blends of Bentonite and Kaolin clays and botanical extracts sucn as Red Tea, Clove, Pomegrant, Sage, Bamboo, Comfrey and Sea Buckthron. This complex helps thicken and condition the hair simulaneously; creating full, lustrous, beautifully manageable hair.Lifeless hair is transformed. Body, bounce and amazing shine take over. Everywhere you go, everyone remarks that your hair looks increadbible. Make it happen with our shampoo, treatment, leave-in conditioner, gel mousse, scrum and styling clay. For it is - Swell Volume!

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