Styling and Finishing
Hair is a growing “garment” and these styling & finishing products will
help you create the latest, fashionable trend!

Brocato styling and finishing products are unique and exceptional as a result of Sam Brocato’s personal involvement in their development. Sam’s three decades of experience has found him both behind the chair in his salons and creating hair for the runways of New York. It is this combination of experiences: creating easy to achieve looks for clients and trend-setting work on the runways that makes Sam such a powerful product developer. Brocato products are high-quality and help you easily achieve beautiful hair at home. Fashion forward, these products allow for endless client (and stylist) creativity – so have fun as you style your hair beautiful. As unique, blendable, they address the individual needs of today’s modern woman ... dedicated to the beautification of diverse hair types to accentuate a personal style.

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